Tranquility & Koi

AlianceIlluminationButterfly TriptychDouble Helix3 Koi FriendsKoi Sun DanceJeweled Musician3 Koi on Golden PondOrnamental Koi on BlackOrnamental Koi DiptychThe CourtshipJeweled Meditation3 Koi in a FountainKoi with Blue Tree
Butterfly Triptych
Double Helix
3 Koi Friends
Koi Sun Dance
Jeweled Musician
3 Koi on Golden Pond
Ornamental Koi on Black
Ornamental Koi Diptych
The Courtship
Jeweled Meditation
3 Koi in a Fountain
Koi with Blue Tree

Tranquility Paintings by Cindy Curtis

A name my daughter came up with which best describes the Koi and Zen paintings. When viewed, they offer a sense of serene contentment.

Read about the Meaning of Koi Fish.

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